Magneto Museum

Magneto–inspired fictional museum


The Magneto Museum is inspired by the Marvel Villain born as Max Eisenhardt sometime in the late 1920s to a middle class German Jewish family. His family was forced to escape to Poland during the Nazi uprising and his entire family was killed in the Warsaw Ghetto. This traumatic past filled him with anger and a thirst for revenge, which led to the manifestation of his powers.

“I am no hero. Merely a man who has seen and done and endured what can never be forgotten or forgiven.”
Magneto: Not a Hero Vol 1 #4


Branding, Image Making, Wayfinding


Julien Reboulet, Qwill, Michael Rawle, square(tea), Henny Vogelaar, Isoarts

Landscape Photo Outside of Museum

Custom Font

Custom Magneto Font

I created a custom font based on the Jewish star to craft the logos (below). The Jewish star refers to Magneto’s dark past in internment camps and the very sharp angles representing his anger.

Download the font

Primary & Secondary Marks

Primary Mark
Primary Mark

Colors & Graphic Element

Colors and Graphic Element

The color palette is made up of only two colors: black and a bright red. Black is for the darkness of Magneto’s past and red is for his perpetual anger. The graphics used show not only magnetic force but also the darkness that takes over.

Promotional Banners

Promotion on wall
Ticket and Information Booth

As you enter the Magneto Museum, you immediately see the ticket and information desk. It is split in two sections to provide organized service to customers. A directory with maps of each floor is located near the desk for customers to look at after buying their tickets. They can also pick up a brochure with the same information and more.

Stairs with floor information on wall

The writing on the steps of stairs gives a timeline of Magneto’s life from oldest at the bottom to most recent at the top.


The elevators reintroduce the concept of the Jewish star. When the elevator arrives and is heading up, an arrow point upwards lights up with red LEDs. When the elevator arrives and is going down, the arrow pointing down lights up in the same way.


Icons in Use

Icons guide visitors throughout the museum. They can be seen on the floor, on the walls, as well as on signs that protrude from walls. Icons are used in conjunction with labels to indicate public areas such as the café, the gift shop, and the food court.

Public area icons

Men and Women Bathrooms
Gender Neutral Bathrooms

To provide a safe and comfortable museum experience for all visitors, two types of restrooms are provided on each floor. On one side, a divided male and female restroom and on the other side an all gender restroom for those who feel uncomfortable using the male or female restrooms. As Magneto once said: “there will be no war, today.” Using the restroom should not lead to violence.

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