Reimagining the Spartan Experience After Graduation


Alumni lose interest in engaging with San José State University and are unaware of the value in reconnecting.


We want to reimagine the connection between disengaged alumni and San José State University.

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Research, Branding, Event Planning


Catherine Escoto
Marisa Hsu
Preston McPeak


Intuit coach Neena Burman & Professor Nelson Wei Tan

Where do we begin?



Alumni Association


Career Center


Alumni who feel disengaged with SJSU due to time, relocation, or other experiences

SJSU Alumni level of engagement

51.5% of Alumni have not re-engaged. Here's why:

I have no reason to

No opportunities appeal to me

I have relocated

What do Alumni want?


“I would like to be contacted by my professors or current students.”

Gilberto Hernandez, BS Aerospace Engineering '11


82.2% said that they would engage again if an opportunity came up.

Research Methods

We talked to people on campus and Alumni to find out more



  • Lynne Trulio, Social Sciences
  • Ron Rogers, Psychology
  • Joshua Nelson, Industrial Design
  • Lena Summerill, Engineering


  • Charlotte Sunseri, Anthropology
  • Joshua Nelson, Industrial Design


  • Gilberto Hernandez
  • Leila Hakim
  • Giang Lam

Alumni Association

  • Brian Bates
  • Clifton Gold

Alumni Survey

We received 71 responses from graduates with a background from a variety of majors.

Case Studies

We conducted case studies of three universities with reputable alumni programs.

  • Stanford University
  • University of South California
  • Humboldt University

What did the results tell us?

and where do we go from there?

Alumni drift away

After graduating from San José State University, students follow many different paths. Some relocate, switch careers, or start families, but overall they are very busy. Working alumni often lose touch with San José State University after extended periods of time.

What do we need to do?

  • Make the point of contact to alumni personal
  • Maintain detailed alumni information
  • Market alumni opportunities
  • Make communication faster and easier
  • Provide alumni with relevant information they want to know about SJSU

Introducing SpartaCon!

The first ever San José State University convention for alumni
to reconnect with their friends and the university

Our goal is to change alumni perspective of SJSU in order to encourage involvement and foster more meaningful connections with alumni.

SpartaCon is a full-day event at San José State University that gives alumni and faculty the opportunity to come together in one place for an unforgettable experience!

Come to SpartaCon to take part in the numerous activities taking place, ranging from performances to insightful talks. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend quality time and network with alumni and faculty.

You're Invited!

You can learn more about this event on our website and get your tickets through Eventbrite


Get updated contact information

SpartaCon website
SpartaCon Website

Welcome back!

Follow the gold and blue signs when you arrive


Change Alumni perspective of SJSU

lamp post signs large outside banner

Get your badge and SJSU swag

Get a badge and grab your goodie bag of everything you'll need for the day


Promote networking

badge and goodies

Find your way

While you're out and about, check your brochure for a map or agenda to find out what’s coming up next on the schedule and where it will take place


Provide relevant information


Choose where to go

Pick and choose events you're interested in from a large variety!


Deliver personal contact

Provide relevant information


Make meaningful connections

With friends

SpartaCon provides a chance for friends to reunite and spend a fun day together as well as make new friends. It's open to people of all majors and appeals to a large variety of interests.

With family

SpartaCon is also a family event! As requested from alumni we interviewed, we are having an abundance of exciting events that the entire family can enjoy. Our petting zoo, for example, is sure to make people of all ages happy!

With faculty

Our department open house event gets faculty involved and provides the opportunity to reconnect with alumni on a personal one-on-one basis. This allows alumni to learn about what's happening in their program today and encourages future engagement with professors and their program.

With students

Alumni can check out The Hub to see what students are up to and provide them with some guidance. SpartaCon opens opportunities for networking, recruiting, collaborating, partnerships, mentorships, and more!

With our community

Having a large number of alumni coming back to our university gives us the opportunity to get the entire community to come together and feel involved. Alumni can relive old memories by going back to their favorite local food establishments and getting a discounts.

With San José State University

SpartaCon gets alumni back on campus and gives us a chance to change their perspective of what it means to engage with SJSU. It allows us to advertise alumni opportunities that most alumni don’t know about and let them know we have a lot to offer them and that reconnecting can lead to great experiences.

Photo of event with many people
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