Caffeine Tracking App

Helping college students track their caffeine intake


College students have a lot on their plate. Having to balance school, work, friends and family lives leaves them with very little time to sleep. This incites them to consume caffeine to stay awake during the day.

According to a study conducted at Marshall University in West Virginia, the average student consumes 850 mg of caffeine per day. That's about 10 times the recommended caffeine intake. Not only is this unsafe but students also spend more money than they realize.


Caff + Mon is an easy-to-use application that aims to solve this problem by allowing the user track his or her spending habits on caffeinated drinks. Caff, the caffeine monster, and Mon, the money monster, strive to live harmoniously in the app as the user logs his or her caffeine intake. Besides tracking caffeine intake and spending, the app also provides health information to help the user understand how caffeine affects the mind and body.


User Research/Testing, Visual Design

Main Consumption Spending Health

Interact with the prototype

Initial Sketches

Wireframe Idea 1

Wireframe Idea 2

Wireframe Idea 3

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